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MMC Peace of Mind, LLC

MMC Peace of Mind, LLC

There just aren’t enough hours in the day…

As a therapist, your dedication to your clients often leaves little time for managing the various aspects of your practice. Balancing client care with administrative tasks, brand development, and billing can be overwhelming. The demands of showcasing your expertise while managing the operational side of your practice might leave you stretched thin. This is where I come in!

From streamlining administrative duties to enhancing your online presence, handling billing tasks, and managing day-to-day operations, my services cater specifically to therapists like you. Whether you’re just starting or seeking to offload tasks due to your growing practice, I help save you time and enable you to focus on what matters most: your clients.

Let my passion be your Peace of Mind!

Empowering businesses through virtual support to optimize efficiency, elevate brands, and drive growth.

1. Hourly Contract:

• Pay by project at a rate of $50 per hour.

2. Bi-Weekly Set Package Rate:

• Minimum of 5 hours bi-weekly for 1 ​provider, priced at $40 per hour.

• Minimum of 10 hours bi-weekly for 2 or ​more providers, at $40 per hour.

•Minimum of 20 hours bi-weekly for groups ​of 4 or more providers, at $45 per hour.

3. Monthly Retainer:

• Monthly retainer for 30 hours at a set rate ​of $35 per hour, requiring an upfront ​monthly fee of $1,050

Any additional hours beyond the contracted amount will be ​billed at the agreed-upon rate specified in the contract ​agreement.

As part of our onboarding process, a one-time fee of $150 ​applied. This fee covers the time, expertise, and effort ​invested in logging into accounts, setting up processes, and ​ensuring a seamless integration. We value transparency and ​believe this fee reflects the commitment to providing you ​with a smooth and efficient experience.

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A Virtual Assistant’s expertise covers:


- Efficient payment follow-ups and processing

- Streamlined administrative support

- Professional handling of personal tasks, as needed

- Meticulous spreadsheet management and precise data entry

- Accurate insurance verification and claim validation

- Proficient management of RAs/EOBs (Explanation of Benefits)

- Expertise in handling claims, including rectifying rejected ones

- Organized schedule and inbox management

- Thorough client intake management and professional email correspondence

- Proficient research capabilities and support in social media tasks

- Methodical invoicing for clients

- Limited, yet professional, assistance with website setup

Peace of Mind

As the owner and founder of MMC Peace Of Mind, LLC, I'm dedicated to serving my clients—mental health private practice owners—as a Virtual Administrative Assistant. My journey into entrepreneurship began when I took the leap to start my own business after serving as an Administrative Assistant in an outpatient behavioral health office. This experience was pivotal, surrounded by an empowering community, mostly women, who supported me in ways that enriched my purpose.

Passion drives my work. I'm committed to providing services that grant providers more time to dedicate to their clients. My belief in mental health care and the ethos of giving back fuels my dedication to those who give so much of themselves to others.

My journey with healing and mental health treatment shapes my dedication. Originally from Queens, NY, I now call Lancaster, PA, home, where I established my business. Grateful for the therapists who aided my healing journey, I'm deeply connected to mental health support. This profound connection is why supporting mental health private practice owners is not just a profession but a personal mission—an opportunity to give back, as they, too, contribute to the well-being of others.

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Peace of Mind

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“True peace of mind is not merely the absence of chaos but the ability to find tranquility within life's twists and turns”. -Unknown


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MMC Peace of Mind

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Approaching every task with a positive, diligent mindset is inherent to my work ethic. As a mother of five, I deeply understand the significance of achieving a balance between work and personal life.

Being an advocate for mental health services, it's crucial for me to alleviate therapists' burdens by addressing the overwhelming and stressful accumulation of administrative tasks.

Moreover, I prioritize compliance with HIPAA regulations and have obtained certification in Mindfulness and Well-Being, Living with Balance and Ease. Additionally, I'm on track to receive certification in Mental Health First Aid for Adults working with youth. These certifications empower me to better serve and support mental health professionals in their crucial roles.

Peace of Mind


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Discover how a virtual assistant can revolutionize your workflow. As you embrace the peace of mind that comes with streamlined support, step into a world where efficiency meets excellence. Connect with us today and let’s elevate your business together.

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Get in touch today and discover how I can lighten your load.


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